Great leaders are excellent followers.

They know how it feels to follow. They follow, so they know what to aim for when leading. 

They are able to follow the flow of inspiration. They can adapt instantly to the flow of the follower and his/her body.

Great leading is being passionate about caring for their follower - leading in the service of the wellbeing of their follower. Great leaders are loving - they know what it is like on the other side, the follower’s side. 

Great leaders know, from their own experience, what mental traps and challenges are on the path of following -- the insecurities, the limiting patterns, the habitual thoughts about one’s own body and abilities.

They know from their own experience what it means to trust, to be devoted - and what it means to be truly respectful of and grateful for another’s trust. 

Great leaders are cognizant of their own ambition and devoted to uprooting it in every aspect of their life and leading.

To lead means to be aware, on many levels. Training to follow is a effective and powerful first step training in awareness.