What is the real source of stress?

The most subtle and impactful source of stress we can possibly encounter in our lifetimes: the concept of separation. It is the assumption that there is something ‘"out there" and we are perceiving it "in here."

Separation creates the illusion of our own importance. Self-importance is the most stressful and most energy-draining concept we get enslaved by.

How do separation and self-importance manifest? Here are six indicators of separation and self-importance:

  • Comparison. Thoughts like: “I am better, stronger, smarter, faster, richer, prettier, sexier, better anything, better or superior human being than...” or “I am weaker, more shy, more stupid, less pretty, less sexy, less worth, less valuable, inferior than…"
  • Overcommitment. Plagued by worry about losing what we have, we overcommit to hold on to everything possible.
  • Worry. The experience we have as we strive to be like others and we strive to get recognition for that which we believe we deserve.
  • Self-talk, the inability to stop talking inside our minds, this inability to come to rest inside our minds.
  • Delusion, characterized by grandiose statements and beliefs about our own powers, about our own image, about our own influence, about our own irreplaceability.
  • Doubt - the latent feeling in our gut that something is missing, that something is wrong, that we are somehow not plugged into the right thing, the right relationship, the right job, the right country, the right body, that you are deprived of something or another

How does following help in dealing with stress?

Following brings you into your body. Your body is truth. Your body is presence.

Following, slowly but surely, builds the ability to be silent inside our minds. Following - truly following, is the state in which we act without the interference of thinking. We act in presence, free of doubt, in full control and yet abandoned to the flow.

So when we follow, we allow ourselves to cultivate this new mode of being, we learn to plug into a mode of being in life that is present. Being truly present is to follow.

We learn to follow the flow of life, to read the writing on the wall, to read that which is obvious, that which is right here right now. This kind of mode, growing, fostering and cultivating this mode of being is the antidote to living under the spell of separation.