When you practice following, you slowly give less space to the thinking powers inside your being, and more and more give space to your own body to find its connection with the present here-now. This present moment is the only thing that actually really exists, and your body knows that - it craves that presence. Your body is hungry to be in here-now, it is wildly hungry for it after having been deprived from it for hours, days, years and decades.

  • Your body knows that until you are here-now something is missing. So it tells you - through that constant nagging feeling in your gut - that something is disconnected. That you have lost something on the way. That there is something you need to do, that is yet undefined. That is intuition in action; your body is talking to you that way.
  • Your body knows that it does not have time - it knows that it is approaching its own end with every moment that passes, and it wants to remember that mode of being present. To be free from the overpowering, enslaving, incessant control of the mind.
  • Your body knows that it is not and has never been separate. Your mind conceals that. Your mind is the tool that separates by categorizing, managing, analyzing, dissecting, naming things, imposing concepts onto that which is indivisible.

When you follow tango, when you allow tango to pass through you by following, you are feeding your body, you are giving nourishment to your body, nourishment it really needs.

The practice of following in tango chips away at the concept of separation, and therefore chips away on the concept of our own grandness of our own specialness and importance, the main sources of stress we subjugate our bodies to, that we are seemingly inextricably hooked into. Following teaches that real power is to connect in presence to your body, to your dance and practice partner. It teaches you that real power comes with being humble. Following is power.

So I encourage you to find your body - allow the tango to guide you back to your own body.