Healing Work


Healing Work

Through working with my Earth teachers over three decades I have accessed a body of teaching that has surprised and awed me with its depth and internal consistency. 

I have been called to allow the wisdom of these teachings to speak through me to humanity. Here is what I have learned: 

We are One Human Body on this planet - not 7.5 billion. 

The Earth's body is our body. Our body is the Earth itself. There is no separation. 

The One Human Body is infected with a virus-like affliction that creates the illusion that we are separate. 

Though we don't see this force, we can perceive its enslaving presence whenever our actions come from or lead to separation.

There is no such thing as spiritual liberation unless the global One Human Body is liberated from the enslavement of separation.

Liberation means that every member of the One Human Body is aware of itself and every other member as their own body. Means you are aware that I am your body. I am aware that you are my body. And so are all the 7.5 billion bodies. 

The gateway to this liberation is inner silence. 




What is ceremony? 

Ceremony is the ancient ritual of invoking that which is sacred. 

Through ceremony we attempt to connect to spirit - to the force that holds everything together and at the same time propels everything through its evolutionary process. 

In ceremony, we make the heartfelt attempt to make ourselves available to connect with this force. This force has its own way of paying attention — we often notice in retrospect that our attempt to connect with it has been received, and that this omnipresent force has responded. 

We come to ceremony with a sense of humbleness, curiosity to learn, fear and respect. How else would we dare to approach the mightiest power in the universe?  

Ceremony Offerings

I facilitate healing ceremonies in Mar Vista. Please contact me for details.