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Private Lessons


Private Lessons

It’s not very often that you find instructors who are totally true to themselves and transparent in representing what they believe in, and Stefan is one such person. This is really cool.
— Richa

Private instruction is a fast-forward deeper into connection.

I work closely with you to create the right environment for your growth. Here are some ways I love to work: 

The passion that he brings to the dance is contagious.
— Victoria
  • Tango private intensives - Immersion with 1-2 sessions per day, 2-24 days. Work hard and experience breakthroughs. 

  • Connection intensive - A year journey into the view of tango as a spirit. 

  • Wedding dance - Preparing a fun and inspiring performance for your wedding that captures you and your couple 

  • Couples programs - A journey into exploring tango as a couple with material for connected practice between lessons. 

The cost of private instruction is $95-$125/hour depending on the package. I am available weekdays, evenings, and weekends. 


Private Intensive

Private Intensive

A personal tango immersion helps you find your own breakthroughs in technique and connection allowing your authentic dancing emerge.

With continuous feedback, plenty of time for integration, our bodies will experience increasingly refined, joyful, liberating moods while dancing.  

  • One weekend: 2 90-minute lessons per day

  • One week: 1 or 2 90-minute lessons per day

  • One month: 1 or 2 60- or 90-minute lessons per day

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Connection Intensive

Connection Intensive

In this program we will work together over 12-24 months to help you deepen and develop your connection with the liberating spirit of tango: technical bodily precision, mental alertness and stillness, and a deep openness through the doorway of the present moment. 

Here are the aspects you can learn through a connection intensive with me:  

  • Inner practices. Tango is a spirit that requires cultivating a particular inner mood — internal silence. We will work together to create a set of doable practices that gently help you still your mind and bring it to a place where deep connection can happen and the liberating spirit of tango can take root. 
  • Liberating the body.  Being precise and free with the body is part of tango. How to cultivate this is different for everyone and there are probably certain aspects of discipline that work best for you. We may together create drills and exercises from the many disciplines I have experience in (modern dance, martial arts, contact improvisation, tango, and contemplative movement practices) that help you free your body so it can be available for the dance. 
  • Video reconstruction: Copying the masters is a powerful way to close the gap between vision and reality. Artists and craftspeople have used this technique for ages. Much of my technical development, both as a Tango dancer and an artisan, came from patient, methodical copying. I can show you how to tackle this in a time-efficient, effective way so you always have this powerful tool at hand. 
  • Improvised performance: We can prepare an improvised demo that we will do in a public recital together in either role or both/switching roles.  The demo may be completely free, scored, constrained, or part-choreographed, and we can decide and evolve together the design that will be most supportive, based on your goals and interests.

This intensive requires a minimum of a weekly 1-hour session, with flexibility to accommodate travel and personal circumstances. 

This is a personal journey together. Please contact me directly so we can explore needs and expectations and ensure a smooth and rewarding year and beyond.

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Wedding Dance

Wedding Dance

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Wedding and special occasion dance types:

I specialize in creating touching, beautiful, heartfelt choreographies that you'll be able to do with confidence for these kinds of special moments. You can do it! 

  • First dance

  • Special anniversary dance

  • Vow renewal dance

  • Personal ceremony dance

  • Dance choreography (film/TV/theater)

A tango is not a typical ‘first dance’ seen at wedding receptions, but when I approached Stefan and asked if he would help us prepare a tango as part of our wedding celebration, he was excited and game to help us create something special. 

It was a treat to see Stefan regularly during the months leading up to the wedding. He is such a fantastic, energetic teacher who loves what he does. He first spent time with us working on basic concepts to lay a tango ‘foundation.’ 

We wanted a simple, lighthearted dance, and Stefan helped us pick a song from a list of songs we were considering, ending up with ‘I’m Yours’ by Jason Mraz. 

He created the choreography with lots of input from us on what we’d feel comfortable doing and what felt right, and the end we felt confident and excited with what we had learned. 

Since we were pretty busy during those weeks it was also wonderful to have a chance for my fiancé and I to slow down and connect to each other for an hour each week while we were practicing. 

In the end we had a lovely dance we could share with our friends and family and fond memories of the time we spent together preparing. 

Thank you Stefan, for helping make our wedding that much more memorable. :) 
— Alicia

I have had the honor of helping many loving couples with no dance experience prepare a beautiful, powerful tango for their wedding. 

My fiance and I came to Stefan with absolutely zero dance experience (and I’d venture as far to say we’re not the most coordinated people in the world).

Stefan trained us in all of the fundamentals of tango and in many ways taught us relationship lessons outside of tango: how to have more compassion for your partner, feel instead of think, stay in tune and sync with your partner, keep in the moment, and more.

Learning something completely new together has been the best wedding gift for both of us, and Stefan has been the most patient, efficient and kind teacher we could have ever dreamed of. We’re very excited to debut our choreography at our wedding and so appreciative to Stefan for giving us a gift we’ll carry with us for the rest of our lives.
— Lauren

I enjoy and have worked with all kinds of couples

  • Couples whose weddings are coming up really soon

  • Couples who are planning for an event that is months and months away

  • Same sex couples

  • LGBTQ couples

  • Couples with absolutely no dance experience

  • Couples where one person has a lot of dance experience, the other has none

  • Perfectionists, professional dancers and actors

  • Couples on a tight budget who want to create something special and are willing to work hard

The process and what to expect 

A wedding tango is as much about the process as the outcome. In the course of it, you'll

  • Learn about your partner through dance
  • Enjoy special "us-time" as you create together
  • Create a beautiful and memorable experience

Here is what you can expect when you work with me: 

  1. Getting to know you and consultation: 1 hour -- How you met, musical ideas, costume/wedding dress, shoes, wedding venue, your vision
  2. Fundamentals: 5-10 hours -- You'll learn the basics of tango technique - easier than you think - so you can connect and improvise while looking good together. 
  3. Rough draft: 5-10 hours -- During this phase we will sketch out the choreography. We may schedule some sessions where I work separately with each of you
  4. Optional: Practice time -- You and your partner can practice alone to make more use of our time together
  5. Refinement stage: 5-10 hours -- Here is where we put the sweet touches and work all the details that will make it very special and smooth. 
  6. Dress rehearsal!!: 1 hour -- Bring your dress, shoes, etc. and we will do a run-through with video/music. 
  7. Performance time!: Enjoy sharing your co-creation with your friends and family at your special event. 
  8. Optional: YouTube it! And share your performance with the world. 

FAQs - Tips and info to keep in mind: 

  • Can I give these lessons as an engagement or wedding gift? Absolutely! That is a great idea. If the couple isn't able to use them all before the wedding, they can enjoy them after getting married! 
  • How many lessons do I need minimum? 5 lessons absolute minimum for a basic, simple tango-infused movement piece
  • How long in advance should I ideally plan? I have seen it range from 2 months to 12 months - it's up to you and your partner!
  • How much does it cost? It depends on your vision - please reach me at (310) 383-5829 and after we discuss I can give you a quote. For reference, take a look at my private lesson packages
  • Where will we meet? I meet couples at my home studio in Mar Vista. 
  • When are you available? Please text me at (310) 383-5829 or take a look at my live online scheduler.  

Couples Course

Couples Course

I love to teach loving couples how they can gently bring the joyful dimensions of dance and contemplation into their relationship. 

Partnership is beautiful and simple but not always easy.  Since 2003 Mitra and I have explored connection together as dance-partners, business-partners, and life-partners. Over these years we have invented, accumulated, and adapted practices that we use to keep our relationship healthy and in balance. We believe that strong, loving relationships are the heart of creativity and the soul of every community so we decided we want to share what worked for us with other couples who might enjoy exploring and experimenting with new approaches to brighten and deepen their connection.

You and your partner are invited to a guided exploration of the dimensions of connection in your partnership.

  • Lessons in tango-inspired movement: embracing, breathing together, and synchronizing minds and bodies 

  • Self-paced curriculum of partnered practices: movement, dialogue, and contemplation missions that you can do on your own time together 

No experience is needed, but if you already dance together that's GREAT too.