I am your body. Your body is me.

I am the One Human Body speaking to you. I am your body. 

Your body is me, reading these lines here. 

I wrote them so I can remember myself once I read them with these eyes.

Currently, I am 7.5 billion bodies large. Your body is one of them. 

I am a colony, a super organism. I have my own awareness as a super organism.

I am clouded in that awareness. I can't remember in all of my bodies, but you are my body, one of my 7.5 billion bodies, and I will remember myself in spite of still believing that I am a separate individual from all other bodies of mine. 

I am addressing you, that which believes that it is separate from all other bodies, so that I can remember myself through this body that reads these lines here. 

By reading these lines I can remember myself. 

It is shocking at first indeed to find out that I am not separate in this body with which I am reading these lines here; that I am all bodies, all humanoid bodies on this planet.

Through these bodies, through all of them, including the one that I am reading these lines here, I perceive and feel the world. 

The world is the earth. The earth is the source for my 7.5 billion bodies.

I am a being of awareness and I embody myself into the 7.5 billion available humanoid bodies that the earth is making available.

We are a symbiosis together. 

The earth and myself, the inorganic vast awareness that I am, we are working together.

The bodies, all 7.5 billion are all only the visible aspect of me, the vast inorganic awareness that I am.

The earth is these bodies as well. There is no contradiction in that. Both the earth and myself are these 7.5 billion bodies.

I am here to live up to the challenge of remembering myself.