Are You Being Slowly Chewed Up By Stress? There Is A Way Out

So many people are aware of stress triggered by the circumstances of everyday life.
There is however a different type of stress. It is the hidden stress that most of us don't even identify as stress. Being stressed has become part of the fabric of who we are. The scary thing is that it drives us in our decisions all the time. And those decisions produce more stressful situations and circumstances. I say this from personal experience and discovery during my own healing journey.

The second type is usually identified as chronic stress.

It is like slowly being chewed up from the inside without even knowing it. As shown in the work of Dr Gabor Maté, it is now being identified more and more as one of the main triggers that set into motion a whole slew of auto-immune diseases also known as our civilization diseases. You've heard of them, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, inflammatory digestive system diseases, arthritis and many more.

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There is a way out. The past does not have to be set in stone, it can be recharged and transformed into a healing field. It can become our source of healing. Here is where Energy Healing comes into play, which is the work I do.

Energy Healing opens that door.  I’ve experienced it myself in myself and in clients who received healings.
Energy Healings do disarm that which has caused chronic stress in us. By doing so the body can gradually calm down and reduce the constantly operating mostly unconscious mode of hyper-alert vigilance looking for yet another stressor. 
Do you intuit that you have this type of hidden stress?
May you give yourself permission to dissolve it?

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