My work is dedicated to find and honor what is truly noble in the human spirit.

I see that we are all — all 7.6+ billion of us — only One Human Body. Our work is to remember, in this lifetime, that we are not separate. We are called by the Earth, a living and self-aware organism, to free ourselves from the mind-created illusion of separation. 

This view of  the world has been forming in me for the past 30 years. Here are my teachers and what I have learned from them:

  • From Osho Rajneesh, and from living in his communities, I have learned about daring to be alive;

  • From Carlos Castaneda I have learned what it means to be complete;

  • From Carolyn Myss I have learned the nature of sacred contracts and how they guide our lives;

  • From Andrew Cohen I have learned about commitment, corruption, spiritual greed, honesty and integrity;

  • From Shanti Mayi I have learned about unconditional love and what it means to actually shift one's view;

  • From my life partner and collaborator Mitra Martin I learn about honesty, integrity and living a life together in the service of a higher purpose — and, about tango, its subtleties, and how to lead by following;

  • From the spirit of tango I learn what it's actually like to follow a spirit; 

  • From Buddhism I learn the stages of meditation and the transformative power that comes from being dedicated to studying the Noble Eightfold Path; 

  • From nature I learn how to open my eyes and see that which has always been here for me to see — I learn that nature is spirit itself. And from power plants  I learn a larger view of spirit than I found in any religion so far — one that encompasses: humility, humbleness, healing, liberation, integrity, truth, inner silence and fluidity. Most of all from plant spirits I have learned how to forgive. 

  • Through my parents I am learning that where the deepest wounds lie, there awaits the deepest potential, the greatest contribution to life we can possibly make in one lifetime;

  • From disease I have learned that there is no time for indulging into anything since death is stalking us every moment — that I, as this global One Human Body, am not the top of the food chain, but am prey in the universe — just like everything else. 

  • From my own death I learn what it means to be truly honest: I don't know when my last moment arrives, and I have no time to waste

  • From Wolf and Lisa Wahpepah and through their work with native ceremony, I have learned what it means to pray

  • From Robin Eagle Sage I am learning about how to give remote readings and healings, about grounding and about trust

  • From Chinese Medicine I am learning what it means to contain myself as energy

My gift to humanity, to my One Human Body, is to spread these teachings.