Photo by Stefan Fabry with cellphone

Photo by Stefan Fabry with cellphone

Having had phone sessions with Stefan for about 8 months now (25 sessions at this point), I can say that his clairvoyant capabilities are very impressive! We have done sessions on a wide range of topics, anything from finances to physical ailments, relationships, and more.

Stefan is able to go see what the root of the issue is, discover how it is playing out, remove possible blocks, and finally provide healing for it. He then gives a recommendation of something I can work with following the session to help incorporate the healing.

Stefan’s insights shed a light on the functioning and the thought patterns that are at the root of existing problems. We have dug deep and have traveled many paths that led to many revelations. I have even had a few sessions where I felt pain in a part of my body prior, and it disappeared by the end of the session!

I definitely recommend his work! He is kind, compassionate and talented!

Celine Sardinas, Private Jet Industry

Photo by Junior Moran on  Unsplash

Photo by Junior Moran on Unsplash

  • Working with Stefan is not only calming and enlightening in the moment, but it is also useful going forward after the end of the session. He provides practical applications for the information he uncovers, and suggests ways for me to integrate the wisdom that arises during the reading into my daily life.

    From working with Stefan I have gained a new and powerful spiritual resource that I can draw on to survive particularly challenging moments. He has gently but clearly helped to increase my faith in myself and to nurture the understanding that my life is unfolding as it should. Stefan is exceedingly talented and a joy to work with. I highly recommend his services!

    Hannah Poston, Writer, age 34


Photo by Josh Millgate on  Unsplash

Photo by Josh Millgate on Unsplash

  • I've been working with Stefan for some time -- five sessions so far. His presence and insights have been beneficial in providing a fresh perspective on important questions and issues. I have experienced positive long-term shifts in multiple areas. I appreciate his guidance and intend to continue working with him on a regular basis so that I can remain aware and aligned with what is important.

Andrei Andreev, Software Engineer

Photo by Pouise Pilgaard on  Unsplash

Photo by Pouise Pilgaard on Unsplash

Photo by  Chang Duong  on  Unsplash

Photo by Chang Duong on Unsplash

  • I have been receiving sessions from Stefan for about 6 months now and have had 25 sessions. He starts by connecting to my energy then the healing flows from there. Part mediumship, part energy healing, Stefan has a unique approach.

    Stefan always knows where I am at, even when I don't want to admit it to myself. With each session comes greater release and insight. I also receive new tools in order to continue doing the work necessary for my full healing.

    Because of Stefan's ability to connect quickly and so deeply, I have been able to work on and heal aspects of myself that I have been working on for decades. I always feel lighter after a session. Working with Stefan has shown me a different way of learning without all the suffering. Stefan is truly gifted in what he does. If you are ready to go deep, do the work, and be free then Stefan will be your biggest ally.

    Melissa Ameika, Reiki Master/Teacher & Shamanic Practitioner

  • I feel the main benefit from our two sessions so far, has been the greater understanding of some of the trauma from my childhood. It has allowed me to heal at a deeper level and move forward.

    Also, being able to channel my spiritual guide has been extremely helpful. It is also giving me the courage to move forward on my own and trust within myself. I have also learned and I am still learning to stop asking for permission. Everything is within me.

    I definitely feel like Stefan is able to tap into something much deeper than most individuals I’ve worked with. He has a unique gift and I will take everything I have learned and apply it to my life. I’ve also referred a lot of my closest friends to Stefan.

    Kelley Johnson, LCSW, Psychotherapist, Owner-Founder at The Healing Center, Las Vegas

  • This is a brief but truthful testimonial to the gifts one receives from Source thru Stefan.

    The Universe was showing me it was time to let go and grow spiritually. In Divine timing I was led to Stefan. This was the Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow.

    Stefan opened the doors so I could move forward on my journey effortlessly - something I could not do on my own and had not connected with the "perfect helper" to do so either.

    My journey with Stefan took four sessions to completely liberate my soul to be in the now. Each session was perfect - now I can see that. Each was necessary to complete the process of freeing up energy in Divine Order.

    I now have the clarity and Trust my soul intends. I am eternally gratefully to Stefan. For now, Thank you

    Carole Wolf, Polarity Practitioner, Nanny

Red Leaf ksenia-makagonova-246530-unsplash.jpg

I have been going through a difficult time in my life feeling stuck and directionless.

Stefan was able to connect with negative energy from past lives, that was the cause of my problems.

He has extensive training in energy work, and through 5 sessions so far, was able to clear out a lot of negative energies that have held me back.

He has also given me a lot of tools to heal, and move forward in my life. I highly recommend him to anyone who feels stuck in their life and needs direction.

Debra Purpora