Vision and Mission

My vision is one of healthy minds and bodies, families and communities in a healthy world

My mission is to liberate misguided, stagnant and unused energy and help make it available for areas beneficial to oneself and all life

My goal is to find and honor that which is noble in the human spirit

About Stefan Fabry

Stefan Fabry was drawn to doing healing work already by 1995. But he had very low self-esteem at that time so he put it on the back burner until 2015.

In those years of avoidance of his own calling, he ran a furniture-making business in LA for 10 years which he was very proud of. Afterwards he co-founded a Argentine Tango School, Oxygen Tango in LA with his life partner Mitra Martin.

Maybe because of an uninterrupted deep spiritual practice on his part that silent inner voice was doing its work: intuition was calling. 

He always kept learning about healing during those times in many ways. Guidance had it that he received a persistent and clear vision through the influx of Native American knowledge, teachings, and practices.

In 2015 it was his turn to heal himself from a serious autoimmune disease. Western medicine was of no help for his healing. He had to piece it all together and reinvent himself. In the process, he turned to his own calling, embraced it fully, went into complete inwards retreat, stopped everything he did before, stopped his social life and for several years sought out the deep vision of a new life.  

His own healing process, combined with leading native American inspired ceremonies, and embarking on the journey of training to work in the field of energy readings and healings has provided him with a strong base for a new type of work in the field of energy liberation. He feels honored to be in touch with you this way and anyone who needs to receive the kind of work he now offers.

And, he likes to point out that healing can be fun for all.

About Stefan’s Influences