A Teaching That Liberates You

Photo by  Benjamin Voros  on  Unsplash

Through working with my Earth teachers over three decades I have accessed a body of teaching that has surprised and awed me with its depth and internal consistency. 

I have been called to allow the wisdom of these teachings to speak through me to humanity. Here is what I have learned: 

Photo by  Benjamin Voros  on  Unsplash
  • We are One Human Body on this planet - not several billion 

  • The Earth's body is our body. Our body is the Earth itself. There is no separation 

  • The One Human Body is infected with a virus-like affliction that creates the illusion that we are separate

  • Separation is a shocking form of trauma each human being receives from the get go

  • The effect of separation on the human body is one of permanent fear

  • Though we don't see this force, we can perceive its enslaving presence whenever our actions come from or lead to separation

  • There is no such thing as spiritual liberation unless the global One Human Body is liberated from the enslavement of separation

  • The global One Human Body is the tangible manifestation of the human spirit. It has a name: Inti

  • Inti speaks and attempts to awaken its bodies

  • Liberation means that every member of the One Human Body is aware of itself and every other member as their own body. Means you are aware that I am your body. I am aware that you are my body; and so are all the several billion bodies 

  • The gateway to this liberation is inner silence

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