Abandon Yourself

This is a beautiful chakra where lots of joy and fun and laughter is at home. Once it is free flowing it will make you want to jump out of your pants - literally and symbolically. It is as much about sensual pleasure and joyful sex as it is about being honest with oneself about what really feels good right now, on a bodily level, and now, and right now as well.

How to discover that boundless, playful joy?

Have you ever watched kittens playing with each other? Do you remember the absolute abandon, ruthlessness and total presence in each moment while they are playing? Do you remember how wild they can be? How provocative? How inviting? How receptive to each other's bodies and reactions?

That is the quality you want to engage in physical pleasure with your partner or in a dance or in a game you are playing. That is a first hand experience of the flowing second chakra.

How about the spiritual aspects of this chakra?

Remember last time you felt your intuition? Where did you feel it in your body? For me it is always around the lower area of my stomach, around where the second chakra is said to be located, a few inches below the belly button.

There is a lot that we receive through this area. On a gut level, as the saying goes, we know many times what is right for us and what is not right. This is the area we want to have filled with good thoughts, good feelings about ourselves. To keep it really healthy we need to learn to love ourselves boundlessly, not as delusional beings but as someone who truly gets in touch with one's true nature as an aspect of that which is unlimited and we all come from and we all go back to.

Enjoy deeply, we live only once.

Orange by the way is the base color for this chakra. Orange stands for joy and fun and truth towards oneself.

stefan fabry