The Miraculous Beginning of the New Me

My name is Stefan Fabry. I help people with chronic illness find the place inside themselves from which they can heal. I do this through creating the internal space of connection to spirit, since healing any disease can only happen with spirit. I have been trained in shamanic healing work with plant medicine, which is the voice of spirit itself in the world, since 2000 and focus on creating rituals and ceremonies for healing based on that training. People who work with me benefit additionally from the ongoing education I have subjected myself in the area of emotional and trauma healing for over two decades. I work one one one, both, remotely and in person.

For healing we need a new view of our lives

Take a look at my website that addresses global healing through healing one person at a time (that website is soon to come btw. in case you clicked on the link)

To expand the ways people with chronic illness triggered by ongoing hidden stress are able to connect to such states of awareness, since January 2018 I am enrolled in a 2.5 year training to learn the skill of intuitive energy readings and healings which will help people with healing their emotions and blockages in their being. This program is led by Robin Eagle Sage @

The program is an exciting journey into unknown territory by learning about meditations to keep us grounded, learning how to use colors in the context of healing, how to draw crucial information relevant for healings from reading an auric field. We are learning now, it's August 2018, about chakras and will be learning about many other aspects like medical intuition. Robin is a versed and seasoned teacher with a strong ability to teach us how to stay grounded, how to be in receiving mode and how to make the most of our own inspiration and intuition. I see myself and many of my fellow learners opening their wings ready to take off towards their potential.

I am grateful.

How do you open your wings?

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