How do you and others look through the lens of Your Third Chakra?

The third chakra is about being seen and heard. By whom? By other people? That is part of it certainly. However before we turn to the outside world and gage if we are liked and accepted by our fellow men, there is the layer of our own relationship towards ourselves.

What do I see? What do you see?

Do I like myself? Do I really really really like myself? Do you like yourself? To go even more wild: do I love myself? Do I dare love myself and not cut myself down because I am conditioned to believe that it is selfish to love myself or that I am not worthy? How about you, do you?

Just around your solar plexus is where you will feel it. When someone praises the new dress you are wearing, or your new car, that's where you are feeling that pleasant feeling. Also if someone criticizes you, or if you are anxious about a meeting, that crummy feeling is right here in your third chakra.

Your third chakra is as much about judgments whether good or bad ones, as it is about connecting with your spiritual trust that you are not only loved by Source but that you are Source itself showing up in this world as you, in this body of yours, as this soul.

Could you do anything else but love yourself from that perspective?

stefan fabry