How big is the Big Picture?

Photo by  Kayla Maurais  on  Unsplash

When tapping into the power of the sixth chakra, the seat of the third eye, be prepared to open your mind to great visionary insight.

Here you'll find access to that knowledge you've always wanted to have access to. You can see the destiny and mood of your ancestors, the whereabout of specific relatives of yours, and find access to your highest guidance. You can have access to sight that reveals what is really going on on this planet.

Here, Truth may be revealed to you that you may not be ready to see. If you aren't, you'll downplay your vision, even ridicule it. This area will close as a result and you will live with that constant feeling of missing something.

But when it is open it can be like a satellite dish that connects you directly with the inspiration from Source which comes through the chakra above, the seventh chakra.

How could you get ready for the biggest possible sight and Truth?

Drop down one chakra into the 5th chakra and declare it in your voice in your words to the universe.

If it resonates as true, you'll know you are ready and things will start changing in your life. That will be your confirmation that you are truly in receiving mode towards Source itself.

What needs to change so that this communication is clear to you?

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