How to Read a Chakra

Learning about how to read a chakra has been a challenging process, mainly due to the time it takes to let the basic concepts settle in and take root as a new habit.

Mostly the challenge is to not confuse thinking with "reading". Thinking is sneaky, and has many ways to intrude. Reading is a challenge to the habit of thinking because it, thinking, does not like to give up the control over our bodies. It is generated by an entity - but I might get into that later at some point.

For now let me be happy with having, maybe finally, grasped the basics of reading a chakra as Robin teaches us in her course. They are: read the structure, diameter, emotion, personality, meaning and general wellness.

That's it. How to read these? I feel it is best to take a class with Robin on that because it takes practice and supervision to make sure thinking does not sneak up on you.

stefan fabry