Do You Think in loops? What would the Buddha’s Spleen Do?

The emotionally balanced spleen will keep you clear, receptive and internally balanced. It keeps you neutral, calm, and peaceful. Maybe that’s why the Buddha was able to achieve balance of the mind.

When out of balance you’ll feel frazzled, unable to concentrate, and ineffective. You’ll notice that you tend to think in circles, maybe even obsessive thoughts.

Emotionally, self-doubt, disconnection, loneliness, and heartbreak stay lodged in here. You may find yourself mulling over what she or he said 20 years ago without being able to resolve that. These are all ways in which your spleen is trying to show you that you need to care for yourself and for it. Addiction to sweets is also a matter of the spleen.

Four things to keep your spleen healthy:

  • avoid ice-cream (did I really say that? So sorry fellows) - it hates cold sugary dairy products; those deplete its energy rapidly

  • sleep early every night, by ten or earlier (sorry late nighter’s :)

  • build up a meditative practice like Qi-Gong and T’ai Chi, or Yoga and definitely sitting meditation (can’t sit still? A blogpost will follow just for you, stay tuned or book a session with me)

  • find peace with your past - many ways are available now - start by googling or ask me directly

What would your life be like if you had peace of mind?

Could you make one little change now in your life towards that?

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