Your Body Speaks In Truth - Do You Love Yourself?

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Did you know that serious illness is usually triggered by prolonged internal conflict?

We’re going to look at:

  • Why this is important?

  • Where internal conflict comes from?

  • How can you know if you really love yourself?

  • How it affects you and your body?

  • What can induce healing?

Why is it important?

Internal conflict is the one that mostly goes on under your conscious radar. This is especially true of our civilizational illnesses, the chronic ones, the autoimmune ones; diabetes, asthma, cancer, psoriasis, allergies, heart disease and so on. Yes, there are the genes, the environmental factors, the quality of food, water, and air. 

But why do some people get ill and others don’t when they all live in the same environment? Dr. Gabor Mate, who studied and researched in-depth the relationship between trauma, stress, and illness, comes to this conclusion in his book “When The Body Says No”: the majority of people who fall ill with severe illnesses have internal conflict in common. It is the final blow to their bodies. 

Where does internal conflict come from? 

People, the vast majority of us, don’t love ourselves.

  • When you look in the mirror and you have 10 points of self-criticism towards your body? “I don’t like my thighs, my nose, my hair, my belly, my breasts are too small or too large etc”

  • Exposing yourself to fear-inducing news

  • The silent judgment of others

    These all are a reflection of your own lack of self-love.

Now I can hear a few voices in this readership protesting: “but I love myself!”

How would you know if you really love yourself?

  • Are you ambitious? Ambition is poison to your body.

  • Are you shy? Shyness is poison to your body. I know that first hand, I was very shy and ambitious.

  • Do you complain, finger-point, accuse? It’s pure poison.

  • Are you grandomanaical, introverted, bullying, a victim to bullies, to authorities to those who have power? 

  • Are you mistreating others, are you judging others as inferior or superior to you?

  • Do you worry about your future, are you afraid in the first place no matter what?

Those are all signs that you don’t love yourself. 

The Language of Your Body:

If you chronically don’t love yourself, if you are chronically overriding your feelings in order to fit in, if you are chronically attracting non-loving relationships, if you are chronically unhappy, what do you think how your body will answer to all this chronicness? You bet very likely with chronic illness, chronic stress, chronic depression. That is the language of your body. I know this from my own experience. 

Now to clarify: Your body is the smartest little piece of invention, a sophisticated creation. It has refined itself over millions of years. It knows much more than your thinking mind ever can. For instance, it knows exactly when you are not true to yourself when things are off. It immediately lets you know in its own language that it is time to attend to that disharmony inside you. That language is called “gut-feel” or sensation.

You always know when things are off, but you have been taught and you taught yourself to override these messages from your body. In other words, you have learned to disconnect from yourself. Consequently, you don’t know anymore who you are. Simply put: you are sick or you get sick because you don’t know who you are. And when you don’t know who you are you don’t love yourself.

Now here is where the body makes a choice:

Our bodies are super intelligent in a non-intellectual way. The personality-self, known as your ego, which does not love its body is like a poisonous toxin in the body. What does the body naturally want to do with toxins? It wants to eliminate them. If the personality-self does not learn to listen to and follow the body’s messages about the need to heal from ambition, fear, and stress, the body will very likely invite physical illness at some point or another. It does that in order to be heard and be paid attention to. 

You can choose to turn this around though. But you need to get to know yourself first for that to work. So do something to get to know who you really are.

How could you learn to know yourself, to understand your body’s language?

Here are three things I have cultivated, and they may work for you as well:

  • Energy Healing 

  • Acupuncture

  • Silence

Energy Healing done remotely works in powerful and surprising ways. At first, I didn’t believe this might work for me. But I am a converted believer now after 4 years of exposure to it. In this time I have definitely learned a great deal about what it means to love myself. And now I have choices to care for myself which I could not have accessed beforehand. 

Acupuncture is also a form of energy work but in person. It gives my body a strong point of reference about what it feels like to be in flow, in harmony. My body loves it. I have been going twice a week for over a year now. Through acupuncture, I learned that my body is a willing and loving entity which is teaching me how to love it back.

Silence: Another way that worked for me, most likely the most important one, is by slowing down, stopping and viewing my life from a stopped position. From silence. Silence of the mind is a form of self-love that needs to be learned. The body craves it.

These are the three main ways I used to move from lack of love towards myself (which is a definition of illness) to healthy self-love over the last four years. I have managed to strip off all major sources of stress one by one. I know that for sure because I don’t feel anymore that insidious feeling that I need to move on to the next darn thing. 

What is love towards your body?
Loving your body is not a fuzzy warm feeling which hovers in pink clouds. It’s not an emotion. It is rather an action you take towards listening to and caring for your body.

Embrace it in its need for harmony, for peace for gentleness and give it to it. Let it guide you. Let it show you what health truly means. Get to know it. Clean off that hidden and also obvious stress you created by not really loving yourself. Be your body’s friend and please, please stop misusing it with all those forms of stress. Change now, start now. Give your body a good helping of love. 

Finally, your body is your sacred ground. Your body is the only sacred ground you’ll ever step on. It is your own temple. When you enter a temple you take your shoes off as a sign of respect. Respect your body, internally bow down in humility when you ask it to guide you. This sacred temple of yours is really the only thing you will ever have. As long as you are fortunate to have it, stop, listen, take note, learn, care for it. May you see and know how fortunate you are to have a body.

  • What ways did you find to love yourself?

  • What are you struggling with when it comes to loving yourself?

  • What else are you present with as you were reading this text?

Thank you for sharing your attention by reading this article. Please leave your comments below if you wish to.

I am grateful

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